How to Become a Receptionist

How to Become a Receptionist

A receptionist has a significant task in dealing with the public. He directly faces the patients, visitors, clients, and others. The receptionist provides those people with information. If there are any questions, it’s his responsibility of him. The receptionist also directs any visitors to someone they need to meet within the building. In some cases, he also makes appointments and schedules. For example, is at a medical business like a dentist’s office. A receptionist has the responsibility to organize the reception area.

He should keep the desk tidy and refreshed. He also has the task of protecting the organization’s information and secrets. More significant business requires more qualified receptionists to perform more tasks. In small businesses, the receptionist has lesser jobs. He has simple clerical tasks and answers phone inquiries. The receptionist also handles bookkeeping and cash. It means big organizations and businesses should employ receptionists for better management. It can be combined with security officers. Both of them are the front parts of the company.

Working Environment of Receptionist

What can we expect to become a receptionist? The working environment is quite peaceful. He works during regular office hours. It is from 9 am up to 5 pm. A receptionist works from Monday to Friday. There is a specific policy to work on Saturdays. He could take part-time sessions as well. He spends most of the time working at the workstation in the reception area. A receptionist usually works individually. Yet, some companies hire two or more receptionists for one desk. This job requires great responsibility. Any receptionist should protect the information and confidentiality of the company. Being gossipy is not allowed during work.

The Requirements to Become a Receptionist

A receptionist should qualify these requirements:

  • being pleasant person, confident, hostile, and fond of meeting public
  • have excellent written and spoken communication skills
  • have a competent and professional appearance
  • being organized
  • have basic skills in computer
  • being able to handle pressures
  • being able to work individually
  • have the knowledge to operate photocopy and fax machines
  • have an interest to work with the organization
  • good foreign language

Career Opportunities of Receptionist

Almost all organizations and companies hire receptionists. Factories, doctors, hotels, solicitors, hospitals, hairdressers, and others need the help of this occupation. It seems the vacancies and competitions are keen enough. Any qualified receptionist having better skills can be promoted soon to a supervisor. There are many opportunities to get a promotion. In more companies, the chance is better. To get better career advancement, most receptionists move to a better workplace. More prominent organizations mean a bigger chance of profit.

To get a promotion, a receptionist should perform professional tasks daily. Visitors’ 1st impression of the company is gained from the receptionist. This occupation reflects how optimistic the company is. He should be friendly and respectful to the guests. It’s hard to maintain professionalism every day. A receptionist must wear sleek and tidy business attire. Good communication skill is also essential. A receptionist is responsible for managing different tasks at once. It requires calmness and subtle communication ability. He should answer the phones promptly and politely.